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Avov Android Remote Control

Avov Android Remote Control


Avov Android Remote Control Replacement 

If you lost or broke your Avov Android Remote Control do now worry, we have your  Avov Remote Control Replacement. This Avov Remote Control Replacement  is compatible with all Avov products.Features low weight and ergonomic design. This is a hard case, high quality and 100% original remote control from Avov Technologies. This is the Avov Remote Control Replacement for AVOV VIXO2 but will also work with the following Avov models.

Avov Vixo1.

Avov TV Online

Avov TV Online Plus

Avov Fuse


Unique features in this Android Remote Control  are:


  • DV IN 1 and DV IN 2 keys.
  • Mouse in and out button
  • Page up and down
  • Aspect ratio button
  • Favorite button
  • Multicolor function keys
  • As all Avov products it has 1 year manufacturer warranty.


We are authorized reseller.


  • If you purchase from us directly, we handle your warranty directly.
  • We as AVOV Authorized Reseller will inspect and determine if the unit will be replaced or repaired.
  • AVOV does not handle R.M.As directly, however we actively work with all our R.M.A department to ensure they provide the correct warranty.
  • If you need support or have questions about your product, contact Avov  at: and choose help topic: “Open R.M.A. ticket”
    • All R.M.A. tickets will be kept open until noted otherwise. Please only communicate with the R.M.A department through our Help desk.
  • Support Guru will be in touch with you with further instructions.

Questions & Answers

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  • this remote works on Hybrid Plus box?


    The remote is specifically for Set top box only.


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