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April 2017 Upgrade

We are migrating our Web Server, Payment Gateway and giving a new look to the website


How this will effect you?

Payment Gateway unavailability

Since we are migrating our payment gateway as well, there may be chances that we will not be able to process any payments for couple of days. We will keep announcing the updates.


Recurring Orders

All the orders due on or after Monday 10th Apr 2017 needs to be re-order. We will be sending separate emails to all the customers currently having recurring order with our services to re-order their subscription and update their payment details.


Referrals and Rewards points

We are working with our developers to use the same Referral and rewards apps, however, in case we need to use different system, we will migrate the points.



We will keeping same servers and subscription in our new environment. However, we may remove couple of servers which are not been used by any of the clients.


Payment Gateway

We will be migrating into a new payment gateway and will be providing same features as of now.


If you have any question, please drop an email to




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