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O n e - S t o p - S h o p   F o r   C o m p r e h a n s i v e   I P T V   E x p e r i e n c e


Follow 3 Easy Steps to Enjoy IPTV

1. Buy Set-Top Box

Click HERE to get the best IPTV set-top box in the market. These IPTV set-boxes will provide the best IPTV experience and since they all comes with their functional remote, they provides cable TV experience. Once they connected to internet, these boxes performs many roles, like you can install different apps on them, you can mirror you mobile, connect to other devices, internet browsing, connect your Pen Drive etc.
Avov          Infomir (MAG)          Dreamlink 

You can skip this step if you already have a set-top box
Check configuration guide here:
  • I have IPTV Set-Top box  -  Click HERE for configuration steps
  • I don't have IPTV Set-Top box, but I have an Android box  -  Click HERE for configuration steps
  • I don't have IPTV Set-Top box OR Android box  -  Click HERE to buy

2. Buy Subscription

You need to make sure you have your setup box MAC address ready before purchasing subscription.
Enter MAC address in the Notes on the Cart page
You will have different options to choose the subscription. There are NO contract and you can move out anytime you like.

Choose the Subscriptions from the list HERE
Once you buy the subscription, our support team will process the same and will send the Activation email.

3. Enjoy Limitless Entertainment

You have worry free, hassle free, safe and simple online space to manage your subscriptions. This portal also provide you reward program through which you can get more benefits than anywhere else.
This portal is MacAfee verified and it is safe for buying Set-Top boxes or subscriptions.
Online chat service (Depends upon agent availability) help you contact support and get your issue resolve quickly. You can always drop email and we will respond within 12 hours.


Industry Standard 128 Bit Encryption Logic for Payment Gateway to secure transaction
SSL certificate enabled, makes this website more secure.
Manage your subscriptions online and ability to cancel the same online. 
Referral and Rewards programs helping you save more by paying less
One of the most responsive support in this industry
Online chat makes it easier for customers to communicate.
Option to choose subscription from most the servers available in market
One of the most secure website | McAfee Secure Certified | GoDaddy Certified
Well reviewed by customers on our social media and on the website
Free trial available for few subscriptions helping customers to experience IPTV
24 Hour email Support available to help our customers from initial setup and continued
A professional Reseller and Commission based Programs helping other resellers


Best IPTV Experience

We are proven to be the best in online IPTV providers, with most of HD channels and list of all important channels you are always looking for. That include 2700+ Live channels & pre-recorded channels, 1000+ Movies, Sports events etc. The servers are more reliable and have lowest outage as compare to any other Internet TV providers. Its Kodi enabled and that gives us an open door to huge collection of movies and series from all era.

World-wide accessible

The setup box and services, both are world wide accessible, means you can use the same box and services from anywhere of the world. You just need internet access and that's it.

We have multiple servers to choose your subscription from, and more to come



IPTV Express

NFPS - IPTV Private Server





Fiber Sat TV

Gold TV
More Servers to come...

We are dedicated to make our customer satisfied with our IPTV services and in return we do get a lot of appreciation, which eventually motivate us to do better.
Our prices are compliant to market standard and do not sell thing way cheaper just to attract our customers.
In case there are some issues and customers unable to use our subscriptions, we do give back money without any hassle.
We are committed to deliver the best and we will continue to deliver the best in the market.

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