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Configure VLC Player

VLC Player can be configure on any device:

VLC Player

Desktop / Laptop

Apple MacBook


Below is the guide configure VLC player on your Desktop or Laptop or MacBook
Please note that, currently Smart TV is only compatible with OK2 server.

Step 1 --> Buy Subscription

Currently only OK2 server is compatible with VLC player. Please buy subscription online. You don't need MAC address while buying the subscription.
Activation team will activate you on the server and will provide you with thew m3u link on Activation email.

Step 2 --> Configure VLC player

Open VLC, go into the File menu and select “Open Network” or “Open Network Stream”.
Check HTTP and enter the URL provided on Activation email
For Windows:
For Apple MacBook

For Linux you can directly type:
# vlc http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Once you added the playlist in VLC player, your IPTV will start streaming.


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