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Help Center

Common Issues

Channels are freezing and/or are not available

Box is asking for User ID and Password

Getting error message that "Your STB is blocked"

Services / channels / portal not loading

Pin / Password for Adult channels

Timezone for Trials

No details of Trials in selected time period

Which server is best for me or for my device

What MAC I should enter while ordering for Kodi

Where do I find MAC address starting with 00:1A:79...

How To's

How IPTV Works

How I can setup IPTV at my home

What is IPTV

Payments & Refunds

When and How I can make the payments?

How to send money through INTERAC e-Transfer?

How I will get my refunds?

Can I get refund or return the box?

Can I get refund for the services


Activation and Box dispatch timeline


How to become a reseller?

Rewards point

How I can use Rewards points?

Am I collecting reward point by just making purchases?

Referral bonus

What is the benefits of bringing referral?

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